• Matt Reason R.I.P.

    Wednesday 22nd October 2014 by Alan

    East Coast street pioneer Matt Reason has passed away and left behind a legacy of influence that reaches far beyond his pro career. He’ll be missed by many but not forgotten.
  • Blake Johnson for Santa Cruz

    Wednesday 22nd October 2014 by Alan

    Fresh from his part in the Illegal Civilisation 2 video big Blake Johnson now rides for Santa Cruz skateboards and has a couple of minutes of gnar for us…
  • Jake Collins & Sam Beckett lose at volleyball to girls

    Tuesday 21st October 2014 by Alan

    Jake Collins and Sam Beckett are having a shitty time out there on the euro comp circuit. Watch this video of them playing beach volleyball with some birds who are paid to get ‘em off to promote some sugary rubbish. What’s this got to do with skateboarding? Fuck all. Are we going to watch it? ...