• Madars Apse and Perus Crew: Rock skating, chilling, diving

    Wednesday 23rd July 2014 by Alan

    Lanky genius Madars Apse goes to Finland to see the Perus crew and hit’s the lakes for some skating on rocks and beers by the lake. This is the perfect clip to inspire you to get into the country this weekend and maybe skate something different. He’s a good lad Madars.
  • Jake Duncombe: Theatrix Full Part

    Tuesday 22nd July 2014 by Alan

    Life Extention continue to promote their new DVD with a crazy part from Jake Duncombe – you might not have seen much of Jake in the last few years but he doesn’t seem to have changed much since he pretty much single handedly won KOTR for Blind back in 2007. He can skate anything and ...
  • Incognito: James Coleman

    Tuesday 22nd July 2014 by Alan

    If you haven’t seen the corking Florida scene vid Incognito then you might just be blowing it! James Coleman’s part is up for your viewing pleasure now and is deffo worth a watch, as is current favourite Yonnie Cruz’s part below. Check your local skate shop for the DVD and get sweaty just watching it ...